Government Announces Date for Regular Hajj Scheme Balloting

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has officially revealed the date for the draw for the regular Hajj scheme, as confirmed by ministry spokesperson Muhammad Umar Butt.

 The draw is scheduled to take place next Thursday, marking a crucial step in the process for those intending to embark on the Hajj pilgrimage.

Additionally, the ministry has made it clear that there will be no extension of the application deadline for the regular Hajj scheme. 

Today was the final day for prospective pilgrims to submit their applications. 

However, an extension has been granted for the submission of applications under the sponsorship scheme, with the new deadline set for the end of this month. This extension was prompted by requests from overseas Pakistanis.

Earlier reports had suggested that the ministry decided to prolong the deadline for sponsorship scheme applications due to a lower-than-expected response.

 According to sources, just over 3,000 individuals have submitted applications thus far.

Regarding the regular Hajj scheme, Muhammad Umar Butt disclosed that more than 66,000 individuals have applied, highlighting a significant interest in the pilgrimage. 

On a related note, Saudi Aviation has set a deadline for airlines to submit their Hajj flight schedules. 

All airlines have been informed that they must submit their flight schedules by January 2, 2024.

The upcoming draw for the regular Hajj scheme marks a crucial phase in the selection process for pilgrims, and the government is actively working to facilitate a smooth and well-organized Hajj pilgrimage experience for the applicants.

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