CM Punjab Inaugurates Captain Colonel Sher Khan Flyover in Lahoresher

In a significant development, Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has officially inaugurated the Captain Colonel Sher Khan Shaheed Flyover, adding another impressive infrastructure project to the provincial capital.

 The flyover, spanning 742 meters with three lanes, is now open for traffic and has been completed ahead of schedule, showcasing efficiency in its construction.

The construction process was accomplished within a remarkable 90-day timeframe, underscoring not only a timely delivery but also a prudent use of resources.

 The newly inaugurated flyover stands as a testament to the commitment to enhancing the city’s infrastructure swiftly.

Designed as a signal-free corridor, the Captain Colonel Sher Khan Shaheed Flyover facilitates seamless travel from Barkat Market Garden Town to Defence Morr Walton. 

This connectivity improvement is expected to reduce travel time between DHA Phase-VI and Liberty Market to just 15 minutes, providing a more efficient and time-saving route for commuters.

Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi highlighted the substantial benefits of the flyover, estimating its positive impact on approximately 200,000 vehicles daily. 

Furthermore, he disclosed that the ongoing Walton Road project is also on track for completion by January 31, further contributing to the enhancement of the city’s infrastructure.

Expressing optimism about the city’s future, Naqvi mentioned the implementation of a new drainage system, involving an investment of Rs. 9 billion.

 This drainage system is envisioned to mitigate water accumulation on roads during adverse weather conditions, ensuring smoother and safer travel experiences for residents.

The inauguration of the Captain Colonel Sher Khan Shaheed Flyover reflects the caretaker government’s dedication to timely and impactful urban development projects, addressing the growing needs of the city’s infrastructure.

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