Epic Games Still Doesn’t Make Any Profit, But is Catching Up to Steam Fast

“Tim Sweeney, the founder and CEO of Epic Games, recently sat down for an interview with The Verge following the company’s significant legal victory against Google.

 During the conversation, Sweeney disclosed that the Epic Games Store is rapidly narrowing the gap with Steam, the leading PC gaming platform.

The interview delved into Epic’s courtroom success against Google, where the Fortnite creator convincingly demonstrated that Google holds a monopoly in the Android app market and imposes an excessive ‘Google tax.’

The Epic Games Store was introduced five years ago as a challenger to Steam’s dominant position in the PC gaming market. 

It distinguished itself by allowing developers to retain a higher percentage of their earnings compared to Steam’s default 30% cut, with Epic taking only 12%.

Over the years, the Epic Games Store has expanded beyond gaming to include web browsers and the renowned Unreal Engine. 

Additionally, the platform is renowned for offering free games throughout the year, including AAA titles.

Sweeney remarked:

‘The Epic Games Store isn’t a games store, right? It’s the store operated by Epic Games. So we have a lot of non-games there already. We have the Brave web browser, we have a number of software creation tools including Unreal Engine, and there’s more coming, including some other awesome creation tools and productivity tools. We’ll host any app anybody wants of any sort.’

Despite being over 5 years old, the Epic Games Store is not yet profitable. However, it is rapidly gaining ground on Steam in terms of users, boasting 80 million monthly active players compared to Steam’s current 120 million.

When asked about their strategy for securing exclusives on the Epic Games Store, Sweeney revealed an even more ‘ridiculously aggressive’ approach, hinting at more exclusives in the pipeline.

‘No, we’re in a different model, which is called the “Ridiculously aggressive pursuit model.” If it’s a 10-slide deck, that’s on slide 11.'”

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