Multan-Based School Principal Named Asia’s Best With ‘Principal of the Year’ Award

“Multan School Principal, Beenish Saeed, Named ‘Principal of the Year’ by Asia Education Conclave”

In a remarkable feat, Beenish Saeed, a dedicated school principal from Multan, has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Principal of the Year’ by the Asia Education Conclave.

 The recognition was bestowed upon her at an awards ceremony held in Thailand earlier this month, where the Asia Education Conclave honors exceptional teachers and educators.

With an impressive two-decade-long career in the education sector, Beenish Saeed currently serves as the Principal at Cantt School and College in Multan.

 Her diverse background encompasses roles as a teacher, coordinator, trainer, and administrator.

Notably, the Asia Education Conclave highlighted that this year’s Principal of the Year is actively pursuing a Ph.D. in Education, holding an M.Sc. degree in Zoology.

 In addition to demonstrating strong leadership and organizational skills since assuming the role of Principal, Beenish has contributed significantly as a Master Trainer and book editor at Kangaroo Publications.

Beenish Saeed’s accomplishments extend to certifications in IT Branch Automation, engaging in book reviews, and completing Montessori teacher training.

 Her dedication to the field of education, coupled with her ongoing pursuit of academic excellence, underscores her commitment to fostering a positive and impactful learning environment.

 The recognition by the Asia Education Conclave is a testament to her outstanding contributions and leadership in the education sector.

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