NOC Extension Denied for Pakistani Cricketers in Big Bash League

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has declined the extension request for the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Pakistani cricketers participating in the ongoing Big Bash League (BBL) Season 13.

Haris Rauf, Zaman Khan, and Usama Mir sought permission from the PCB for an extension to play two additional matches in the BBL. 

Their request for an NOC extension was submitted two days ago but has been rejected by the PCB.

In their appeal to the PCB, the players mentioned, “Our NOC is valid until December 28. We request an NOC for two more matches and wish to stay here for practice until the Sydney Test before joining the national squad.” They further explained, “There will be a Test in Sydney. What will we do with the national team? So, we request to play two more matches.”

However, the PCB responded by stating, “The NOC was granted until December 28, and we cannot extend it beyond that date.”

This decision means that the mentioned Pakistani cricketers will not be able to play additional matches in the BBL as requested. 

The PCB has adhered to the initial NOC timeline and declined any extension beyond the specified date.

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