Haris Rauf Comes Out to Bat Without Pads During BBL Game

In a surprising turn of events during the 2023-24 Big Bash League (BBL) match between the Melbourne Stars and Sydney Thunder, Pakistan’s star fast bowler Haris Rauf made an unconventional move by stepping out to bat without wearing pads.

 This unexpected decision was aimed at avoiding a time-out scenario, catching everyone, including the commentators, off guard.

Rauf took his position at the non-striker’s end, while his teammate Mark Steketee geared up to face the next ball. 

Commentators Brad Haddin and Brett Lee expressed their surprise and concern at Rauf’s lack of protective gear. Haddin remarked on Fox Cricket, “He’s out there without gloves, a helmet, or pads,” while Lee humorously added, 

“This is like a circus. I just hope he’s wearing protective gear if there’s a wide ball and the batter runs.”

Mel Jones, with a touch of humor, pointed out the risk in Rauf’s situation, saying, “Rauf might be smiling now, but that might change if there’s a run on a wide or no ball.

” The unconventional move, however, did not work in Rauf’s favor as he was eventually dismissed, making it four wickets in four balls for the Stars.

The Stars, opting to bat first, managed to post a total of 172 runs. However, their fortunes took a turn during the final over bowled by Daniel Sams, where they lost three wickets in as many balls. 

Beau Webster and Usama Mir were dismissed on the third and fourth deliveries, and Mark Steketee was run out on the fifth ball.

In the end, Sydney Thunder emerged victorious by chasing down the target with five wickets in hand. Rauf’s surprise at the turn of events mirrored the team’s unexpected collapse in the crucial over.

 The match will undoubtedly be remembered for Rauf’s bold move and the dramatic twist in the Stars’ fortunes during the final moments.

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